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Singers around the world will be pleased to know that Edition Michael Procter is available again, following the sad death of Michael Procter in 2012. His large collection of sacred choral music by renaissance composers is a very valuable resource for choirs, churches and music lovers.

There are an estimated 850 pieces in the catalogue (including versions offered in different transpositions), mostly transcribed by Michael from original sources in libraries all over Europe. These will be verified and re-catalogued over the next few years.

Orders and enquiries are welcome now at info@edition-mp.com and will be produced and sold by Peacock Press.

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While the process of verification goes on, please treat these prices as indicative. Up to date prices can be obtained from info@edition-mp.com

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Title Catalogue number Price
Byrd, William, Though Amaryllis dance in green EMP0415 £2.00
SATBaB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0415-8
One of Byrd's most popular, but by no means easier madrigals. Offered a fourth lower than the original.
Croce, Giovanni, Missa Sopra la Battaglia EMP0878 £5.80
SATB ATTB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0878-1
One of the three masses for double choir. Like the Missa Percussit Saul mille, this setting was probably composed to be sung on the anniversary of a military victory. It is of course a parody on Janequin's famous piece. This version includes the 'Partidura' organ part.
Alternative version(s):
EMP0745 Original pitch without organ
De Vento, Ivo, Pace non trovo EMP0655 £3.50
SATTB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0655-8
Gabrieli, Andrea, Del gran tuonante Show the score EMP0349 £3.75
SATBaB SATBaB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0349-6
A splendid occasional piece. Martin Morell provides the following note: The "sorella e moglie" of the "gran Tuonante" is of course Juno/Hera, and it seems that she is attempting to launch a pre-emptive strike, as it were, on an unnamed rival who is journeying on the high seas. To this end she enlists the aid of Aeolus, who unleashes Circius, the north-west wind. The scheme is foiled, however, by Nereus, and Juno is obliged to "cede the palm." Although Juno certainly had a reputation for being nasty when her jealousy was aroused, the story recounted in the sonnet has no parallel in classical mythology that I am aware of. This makes me suspect that the madrigal is an "occasional" piece, commemorating the arrival in Venice of some illustrious (and, no doubt, still queasy) female personage after a not-so-uneventful voyage. ("How about a cup of tea and a nice madrigal or two to calm your nerves, dear?")
Gastoldi, Gian Giacomo, *Come assetato infermo EMP0659 £3.50
SATTB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0659-6
Gastoldi, Gian Giacomo, *Vaghe Ninfe amorosette EMP0478 £3.50
SSAT ATTB T Scoring legend (Other) ISMN M-2056-0478-3
A striking and unusual piece in which the two main groups sing a typical romantic madrigal, while the burlesque extra Tenor adds ribald comments!
Gastoldi, Gian Giacomo, Tutti lieti onoriamo EMP0712 £3.50
SATTB SATTB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0712-8
A splendid 10-voice madrigal - in the source described as a 'Bacchanale'. The first two verses dutifully praise Bacchus, Hymen and Venus, but in the third verse the chorus reveal their intention of doing something about them - especially the venereal rites!
Gibbons, Orlando, The Cries of London EMP0479 £3.75
SSATTB voices and viols Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0479-10
The celebrated piece, essentially a 6-part Viol Fantasy with vocal interjections (steet cries, watchman, beggars...). This is the vocal score.
This item is also presented as:
EMP1607 Set of parts
Gibbons, Orlando, The Cries of London EMP1607 £9.00
SSATTB voices and viols Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-1607-6
The celebrated piece, essentially a 6-part Viol Fantasy with vocal interjections (steet cries, watchman, beggars...). This is a set of parts.
This item is also presented as:
EMP0479 Score
Gibbons, Orlando, The Silver Swan EMP0480 £1.50
SATTB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0480-6
Our version of the familiar piece, correctly transposed for male voices but also available at other pitches.
Gombert, Nicolas, Mort et Fortune EMP0566 £2.00
SATB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0566-7
The chanson model for Lassus' parody Magnificat.
Guami, Giuseppe (Gioseffo), Miser hoime EMP0654 £3.50
SATTB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0654-1
Henry VIII, King of England, Two three-part songs EMP1219 £4.80
ATB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-1219-1
With owt discorde and O my hart. Two songs reliably ascribed to Henry VIII, who was an accomplished musician.
Isaac, Heinrich, Isbruck ich muß dich lassen EMP0269 £1.50
SATB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0269-7
The more familiar 'chorale' version, here with an original version of the text.
Jacob (Jacques) Senleches, La harpe de melodie EMP0600 £2.00
TTB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0600-8
One of the best-known pieces from the late 14th century repertoire. It has two high voices in canon (with extremely difficult rhythms) and a bass. In this edition I have texted the third voice, but this could equally well be played.
Jacopo da Bologna, Aquil'altera - Creatura gentile -Uccel di Dio EMP0599 £2.00
TTB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0599-5
An unusually early piece for our catalogue, this is a 'madrigal' for three voices (I suggest TTB but SSA is equally valid.)
Josquin des Pres, Mille regretz EMP0267 £1.50
SATB Scoring legend (Manuscript edition) ISMN M-2056-0267-3
Lassus, Roland de (Orlandus Lassus, Orlando di Lasso), Hor che la nuova e vaga primavera EMP0561 £3.50
TrMTTBa SATTB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0561-2
A magnificent madrigal. The top part is clearly intended for cornetto so that other instrumental participation is to be encouraged. Parts are available in various clefs.
Lassus, Roland de (Orlandus Lassus, Orlando di Lasso), Passan vostri trionfi EMP0369 £3.50
TrSMABa TrSATB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0369-4
A magnificent piece requiring instruments (Tr. means Treble Clef, so at least 2 cornetti or violins, preferably with other doubling). A setting of the familiar Petrarch text.
Lassus, Roland de (Orlandus Lassus, Orlando di Lasso), Spent'e d'amor EMP0656 £3.50
SATTB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0656-5
Marenzio, Luca, Dolorosi martir EMP0657 £3.50
SATTB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0657-2
Martinez, Odaline de la (Caridad), A las cinco de la tarde EMP1130 Available direct from the composer
10 voices, SSSAATTBBB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-1130-9
An atmospheric setting of part of a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca. It uses slowly changing ostinato figures in pairs of voices to create an ominous, timeless soundscape. This item is now available direct from the composer: e mail: odaline@lorelt.co.uk or o.martinez@ntlworld.com phone: +447948099298.
Martinez, Odaline de la (Caridad), Two American Madrigals EMP0739 Available direct from the composer
SATB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0739-5
Two settings of poems by Emily Dickinson - I'm Nobody and I held a jewel in my finger. The second is conventionally written, with a solo Soprano and ATB choir; the first uses the composer's typical ostinato technique, sprechgesang and woodblocks. Commissioned for the Cork International Choral and Folk Dance Festival 1978, the Two American Madrigals have also been performed by the BBC Singers. This item is now available direct from the composer: e mail: odaline@lorelt.co.uk or o.martinez@ntlworld.com phone: +447948099298.
Massaino, Tiburzio, *Se volge il caro sguardo EMP0660 £3.50
TrMAABa Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-0660-2
Alternative version(s):
Massaino, Tiburzio, *Se volge il caro sguardo EMP1098 £3.50
SATTB Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-1098-2
This is a version a 4th lower than the high-clef original.
Alternative version(s):
Monteverdi, Claudio, Ecco Silvio EMP0387 £6.50
SSATB Scoring legend (Other) ISMN M-2056-0387-8
Setting of part of Guarini's 'Il pastor fido' from the Fifth book of madrigals, 1605. Original of Scopini's 'Qui pependit in cruce.'
Vaccai, Nicola, Guardami in viso o Clori EMP1076 £2.00
voice, pno Scoring legend ISMN M-2056-1076-10
A delightful song (but with a rather trivial text), confirming ones suspicion that the composer of the 'Metodo pratico' was capable of far more. Vaccai in fact left a great deal of music, operas, ballets, cantatas, instrumental and vocal.
Weelkes, Thomas, Thule, the period of cosmographie EMP0428 £3.00
SSATTB Scoring legend Ed: Pierre Funck and Michael Procter ISMN M-2056-0428-8
The celebrated madrigal is given here at the correct transposed pitch.