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Catalogue of editions by the late Michael Procter

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Singers around the world will be pleased to know that Edition Michael Procter is available again, following the sad death of Michael Procter in 2012. His large collection of sacred choral music by renaissance composers is a very valuable resource for choirs, churches and music lovers.

There are an estimated 850 pieces in the catalogue (including versions offered in different transpositions), mostly transcribed by Michael from original sources in libraries all over Europe. These will be verified and re-catalogued over the next few years.

Orders and enquiries are welcome now at info@edition-mp.com and will be produced and sold by Peacock Press.

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While the process of verification goes on, please treat these prices as indicative. Up to date prices can be obtained from info@edition-mp.com

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Title Catalogue number Price
Temporale - Proper of the time
Holy Trinity to the Saturday before Advent
Byrd, William, Salve Regina (1605) EMP0049 £2.00
SATB Scoring legend Marian Antiphon ISMN M-2056-0049-5
The simple setting from the Gradualia.
Cavalli, Francesco, Salve Regina EMP1107 £3.00
SATB,bc Scoring legend Marian Antiphon ISMN M-2056-1107-1
A further piece from Cavalli's Musiche Sacre; the setting is through-composed and uses several different tempi to match the text.
Croce, Giovanni, Salve Regina EMP0731 £3.00
SATB MATB Scoring legend Marian Antiphon ISMN M-2056-0731-9
Croce provided settings of all four standard Marian Antiphons in his 1591 collection of music for Compline. They are all comparatively simple and very effective.
Gabrieli, Andrea, O lux beata Trinitas EMP0597 £2.00
SATTB Scoring legend Vesper Hymn ISMN M-2056-0597-1
A setting of the Vesper Hymn for the feast of the Holy Trinity (also set for Saturday Vespers from the Saturday after the Octave of Epiphany until Quadragesima and from the Octave of Pentecost until Advent). Our standard version is a 3rd lower than the high-clef original.
Alternative version(s):
EMP0799 Original pitch
EMP0798 Down a 4th
Gabrieli, Andrea, O lux beata Trinitas EMP0798 £2.00
SATBaB Scoring legend Vesper Hymn ISMN M-2056-0798-2
This version is a 4th lower than the original.
Alternative version(s):
EMP0799 Original pitch
EMP0597 Standard edition, down a 3rd
Gabrieli, Andrea, O lux beata Trinitas EMP0799 £2.00
SSAAB Scoring legend Vesper Hymn ISMN M-2056-0799-9
This version is at original pitch.
Alternative version(s):
EMP0798 Down a 4th
EMP0597 Standard edition, down a 3rd
Ingegneri, Marco Antonio (Marc'Antonio), Salve regina EMP1104 £2.00
SATB Scoring legend Marian Antiphon ISMN M-2056-1104-10
One of a series of smaller-scale works by Ingegneri.
Lassus, Roland de (Orlandus Lassus, Orlando di Lasso), Salve regina EMP0475 £2.00
SATB Scoring legend Marian Antiphon ISMN M-2056-0475-2
Obrecht, Jacob, Salve Regina EMP0539 £4.00
SSATTB Scoring legend Marian Antiphon ISMN M-2056-0539-1
An awesome piece: in my ensemble Hofkapelle we refer to this is 'Obrecht's Ninth'. The piece is on a huge scale and lasts a good 12 minutes including the chant verses. I offer it in two versions, one for mixed and one for male voices.
Alternative version(s):
EMP0762 Down a third for male voices
Obrecht, Jacob, Salve Regina EMP0762 £4.00
SSATTB Scoring legend Marian Antiphon ISMN M-2056-0762-3
This is the version for male voices.
Alternative version(s):
EMP0539 Original pitch
Pearsall, Robert Lucas, Salve Regina EMP1105 £2.00
SATB Scoring legend Marian Antiphon ISMN M-2056-1105-7
A modern edition of a work published in 1856 and thus from the final year of Pearsall's life. He was received into the Roman Catholic church three days before his death, at the beginning of August 1856.
Rivafrecha, Martin de (Rivaflecha), Salve regina EMP1108 £3.00
SATB Scoring legend Marian Antiphon ISMN M-2056-1108-8
A new and revised edition which replaces our earlier one. Only five pieces by Rivafrecha are known to have survived, all in the same manuscript in Seville. The composer was rated alongside Penalosa during his lifetime, and this piece is stunning. It is an alternatim setting, and I am grateful to Bruno Turner for providing me with a source of the chant known to the composer, which is incorporated in the edition.
Victoria, Tomas Luis de, Salve Regina EMP0315 £5.90
SSAT SATB Scoring legend Marian Antiphon ISMN M-2056-0315-1
Victoria wrote no secular music. His 'love music', which in another composer would have been given expression in madrigals, is all in the Marian music to which he devoted so much care. Victoria left no less than four settings of the Salve Regina, of which this is the largest-scale. Revised edition with original note values restored.