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Renaissance choral music

Catalogue of editions by the late Michael Procter

Singers around the world will be pleased to know that Edition Michael Procter is available again, following the sad death of Michael Procter in 2012. His large collection of sacred choral music by renaissance composers is a very valuable resource for choirs, churches and music lovers.

There are an estimated 850 pieces in the catalogue (including versions offered in different transpositions), mostly transcribed by Michael from original sources in libraries all over Europe. These will be verified and re-catalogued over the next few years.

Orders and enquiries are welcome now at info@edition-mp.com and will be produced and sold by Peacock Press.

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While the process of verification goes on, please treat these prices as indicative. Up to date prices can be obtained from info@edition-mp.com

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Title Catalogue number Price
The mass
Arcadelt. Jacques, Haec dies EMP0525 £2.00
SATB Scoring legend Easter ISMN M-2056-0525-4
This is one of only 24 Latin sacred motets by Arcadelt, who is better known for his over 120 chansons and 200 madrigals. But his output also includes three masses, Lamentations and Magnificat settings. Most of the motets are settings of liturgical texts: Haec dies is of course the Gradual on Easter Day. It is one of three motets printed in Moderne's anthology Motetti del fiore in 1532.
Lackner, Daniel, Haec est dies EMP0536 £2.00
SSATB Scoring legend Easter ISMN M-2056-0536-10
A minor master of early Protestant music, Lackner was among the first recognised composers born in Styria. His music seems redolent of the Venetian influence as digested by Jakob Handl, with complex rhythmical counterpoint, contrary motion and quasi-homophony.
Schütz, Heinrich, Ad dominum cum tribularer/Quid detur tibi SWV71-72 EMP0305 £3.50
SATB,bc Scoring legend General Use ISMN M-2056-0305-2
Sheppard, John, Haec dies EMP0233 £2.00
SMAATB Scoring legend Easter ISMN M-2056-0233-8