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Catalogue of editions by the late Michael Procter


Singers around the world will be pleased to know that Edition Michael Procter is available again, following the sad death of Michael Procter in 2012. His large collection of sacred choral music by renaissance composers is a very valuable resource for choirs, churches and music lovers.

There are an estimated 850 pieces in the catalogue (including versions offered in different transpositions), mostly transcribed by Michael from original sources in libraries all over Europe. These will be verified and re-catalogued over the next few years.

Orders and enquiries are welcome now at info@edition-mp.com and will be produced and sold by Peacock Press.

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While the process of verification goes on, please treat these prices as indicative. Up to date prices can be obtained from info@edition-mp.com

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Title Catalogue number Price
various Scoring legend
Croce, Giovanni, O sacrum convivium I and II EMP0690 £3.50
Corpus Christi - Magnificat Antiphon ISMN M-2056-0690-9
Both settings - for SATB and SAATB - in one booklet.
This item includes:
EMP0570 O sacrum convivium I.
EMP0649 O sacrum convivium II
De la Rue, Pierre, Missa pro Defunctis (orig. pitch) EMP0583 £5.00
Requiem - Mass Propers ISMN M-2056-0583-4
Although the original cleffing clearly indicates transposition, we also offer the work here at original pitch. Some movements are in normal (SATB) clefs, while others use the rare Gamma-3 clef taking the lowest Bass voice down to bottom Bflat.
Alternative version(s):
EMP0411 Transposed for SATB
Handl, Jakob (Gallus), Two motets for Advent EMP0574 £3.00
Advent - Motet general ISMN M-2056-0574-2
Rorate coeli (SSATBB), a stirring piece, and O Sapientia (SATTB),very calm.
This item includes:
EMP0421 Rorate coeli
EMP0470 O Sapientia
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da, Canticum Canticorum 26, 27. EMP0483 £3.50
Non-liturgical ISMN M-2056-0483-7
See: Song of Songs
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da, Lamentations III (Fri.) EMP1299 £5.80
Good Friday (Karfreitag) - Lesson (Lesung) ISMN M-2056-1299-3
Die drei 'Lesungen' für Matutin (Tenebrae) vom Karfreitag: I Heth (SATTB), II Lamed (SATTB), III Aleph (SSATTB)
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da, Lamentations III (Sat.) EMP0298 £6.60
Holy Saturday (Easter Eve)(Karsamstag) - Lesson (Lesung) ISMN M-2056-0298-7
II Heth (SAATB), II Aleph (SATTB), III Oratio (SSATTB)
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da, Lamentations III (Thur.) EMP0296 £6.60
In Cena Domini (Maundy Thursday, Gründonnerstag) - Lesson (Lesung) ISMN M-2056-0296-3
The three readings for the first Nocturn at Tenebrae (Matins) of Maundy Thursday from Palestrina's third set of Lamentations. I Incipit Aleph (SSATB), II Vau Et egressus (SATTB), III Jod Manum suum (SSATTB)
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da, Lamentations Liber III EMP1148 Not available separately
Holy Saturday (Easter Eve)(Karsamstag) - Lesson (Lesung) ISMN M-2056-1148-4
Michael Procter never completed his latest revision of Palestrina's third book of Lamentations, with original note values. Instead, we recommend the three component volumes: EMP0296 Maundy Thursday, EMP1299 Good Friday and EMP0298 Holy Saturday.
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da, Song of Songs 26, 27. EMP0482 £3.50
Non-liturgical ISMN M-2056-0482-10
Duo ubera tua (SSATB) and Quam pulchra es (SAATB). A pair of motets from the wonderfully sensuous cycle: further selections in preparation.
Tallis, Thomas, Te lucis ante terminum EMP0589 £3.75
Compline Hymn ISMN M-2056-0589-6
Both versions of the hymn, each at two pitches: the lower original (SATTB) and up a third (SAATB).