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Catalogue of editions by the late Michael Procter


Singers around the world will be pleased to know that Edition Michael Procter is available again, following the sad death of Michael Procter in 2012. His large collection of sacred choral music by renaissance composers is a very valuable resource for choirs, churches and music lovers.

There are an estimated 850 pieces in the catalogue (including versions offered in different transpositions), mostly transcribed by Michael from original sources in libraries all over Europe. These will be verified and re-catalogued over the next few years.

Orders and enquiries are welcome now at info@edition-mp.com and will be produced and sold by Peacock Press.

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While the process of verification goes on, please treat these prices as indicative. Up to date prices can be obtained from info@edition-mp.com

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Title Catalogue number Price
4 voices
ATTB Scoring legend
Byrd, William, Missa 4 vocum EMP0616 £5.80
General Use - Mass Ordinary ISMN M-2056-0616-9
The mass is here transposed down a fourth
Alternative version(s):
EMP0750 Original pitch
EMP0273 A semitone lower than original pitch
EMP0615 A minor third lower than original pitch
EMP0691 A fifth lower than original pitch, top voice in Treble (Violin) clef
EMP1297 A fifth lower than original pitch, top voice in octave-Treble ('Tenor') clef
Croce, Giovanni, Requiem I EMP0800 £5.00
Requiem - Mass Ordinary ISMN M-2056-0800-2
This is the San Marco setting of the Requiem whose manuscript bears the date 1598.
Croce, Giovanni, Requiem II EMP0801 £3.75
Requiem - Mass Ordinary ISMN M-2056-0801-9
This is the second, very simple setting of the Requiem.
Lechner, Leonhard, Passion according to St John EMP1065 £6.60
Good Friday (Karfreitag) - Passion (as Gospel) ISMN M-2056-1065-4
Lechner's Passion setting exists only in a manuscript in the University Library in Kassel, where it has the title Historia der Passion und Leidens unsers einigen Erlösers und Seligmachers Jesu Christi nach dem alten lateinischen Kirchenchoral mit vier Stimmen componiert The text is in fact drawn from all four Gospels, and was possibly influenced by Osiander, who was Hofprediger at the court (Hof) of Moritz, Landgraf zu Hessen in Kassel. Lechner's is the only German Passion setting which uses the chant melody of traditional Passion recitation as a cantus firmus. The original is in high clefs and this performing edition is set a fourth lower, especially suitable for male voices. The original spelling of the text has been retained, rather than force a modern German wine into the old skin.